The Future of Content Marketing – Love and Loyalty

The Future of Content Marketing – Love and Loyalty

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Content marketing continues to grow, and grow up.

Your customers don’t want to be searching for and comparing products between companies every time they need or want to buy something.

They want life to be easier. They’re busy people and the easier you make it for them, the more likely they’ll become loyal customers.

And that’s what they want too …

A company they can trust, follow and buy from with confidence, knowing they’ll always get the best product or service for them because you care about your customers, not your bottom line.

You can be that brand your customers love …

High Quality Content Will Always Rule

When someone arrives at your website, from anywhere, they’re there to find something. Information, a product, a service, and they want to find it fast. No one’s getting any younger …

If you have what they’re looking for let them know, quickly, before they move on.

This is where helpful and engaging content works best.

High quality content that informs and educates people without the hard sell.

If your product or service is what your visitor needs or wants it’ll sell itself – as long as your content conveys that in the right way.

Multi-Channel Experimentation

How you engage and market to your customers and potential customers depends on your target audience, but as a rule it’s best to try a variety of channels such as email, various website content, social media and even text messages.

Experiment with blog posts, video, podcasts etc. but use common sense. If you’re marketing to Baby Boomers you won’t get good results using Snapchat or Instagram …

Go where your tribe hangs out …

We Love Stories

Everyone loves a good story and you can make your brand interesting, and even endearing, by telling your stories in a way that makes people want to find out more.

And that means they’ll keep coming back – that’s the beginning of loyalty

Give your company a human face – preferably the same one/s every time so it’s instantly recognisable as your brand. Be funny, be quirky, be socially responsible, be what your brand stands for, but above all, be consistent.

You can tell your story in bite-sized episodes, in a range of different mediums; it’s up to you …

Get creative, but listen to what your loyal tribe wants …

And give it to them.

Especially Visual Stories

Video continues to dominate and most brands will benefit from some sort of video presence to engage people. But be respectful of people’s time …

No one has the time or the inclination to watch a half hour video that ends up being a long-winded sales pitch …

And, I’ve said it before, ditch the auto-play. Thankfully most videos now give the user control over when they want to watch.

It’s all about control, theirs, not yours!

Stop Trying to Sell

I know you’re in business to sell and make a profit, but …

Selling is no longer the focus or main goal of good content marketing. It’s your job to engage your customers and show them that your product or service is right for them.

They’ll make up their own minds.

And if you’ve built a loyal following by being honest, authentic and relevant to your tribe, then you’ve already done your selling …

Your content did it for you.

And that folks, is called Content Marketing …


Keep the Faith

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