Here’s How I Can Help Your Business …

Here’s How I Can Help Your Business …

I am an AWAI-trained direct-response copywriter and web-marketing strategist.

I specialise in the natural health, personal development, and pet industries.

I also write lead-generating marketing materials for B2B companies.

You’ll find I’m professional and friendly, and with a few quick questions I can work with you to improve your situation.

No pain, no drama, just results.

Below are some of the services I offer but if you don’t see your particular need listed, then please contact me for a free consultation to identify and solve your writing and marketing challenges.

Direct-response sales letters (long or short form)

I study with the best, AWAI, and I’ll write you an online sales letter that converts like crazy. Long or short form, I can tell you which will perform better in a given situation, and write it in your unique voice.

Web articles

Well-researched articles of any length, preferably in my chosen niches but I have many and varied interests and I’m knowledgeable in some surprising areas. I can use my voice, or ghost write in your voice.

Blog posts

Regular blog posts and fresh, entertaining content to inform, and encourage reader participation on your website.

Home pages

Your home page is often the first chance you get to engage your customers and keep them on your site. Be sure that it’s interesting and relevant.

Web pages

Just like your home page, all your other web pages must be easy to read and understand, to help your visitors find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Landing pages

A one-off page where your visitors ‘land’ after clicking on a link in an email or other online promotion. Landing pages must be simple, easy to navigate and offer more information about the product or service you’re offering.


A regular informative e-newsletter will keep your subscribers up-to-date with your company, and make sure they don’t forget who you are.

Email campaigns

From start to finish, I can write your entire series of emails and other promotional material, with irresistible subject lines to increase open rates.

Autoresponder series

Many email autoresponder series are boring and salesy. Keep your subscribers happy with relevant information that speaks directly to them.

 White papers

Mostly used by B2B companies, well-written white papers can have astounding success with generating leads and interest in your company.

Case studies

Another B2B content strategy but increasingly used by B2C as well. Everyone loves to read a customer success story they can relate to, and it shows what your product or service can do for people just like them.

Lead generation

I specialise in writing marketing materials to generate leads, and I understand the long sales process involved with B2B companies.

Catalog(ue) Copy

Most catalogue copy is dull and boring.  Your customers can only see your products. They need you to provide them with the experience of their other senses. How it feels, smells, sounds or tastes. Make your products come to life in the reader’s mind with sensuous descriptions that leave them wanting more.


I’m here for you. Please contact me to discuss your marketing needs.