Fear Has Two Sides

Fear Has Two Sides


Too Comfortable

Everyone loves and deserves a bit of comfort but it becomes a problem if we get too comfortable and decide to stay right where we are.

It’s ok to luxuriate in your own triumphs for a while but remember, you’re only as good as your last great achievement, and if you don’t strive for more you’re not moving, growing, or improving.

When you become comfortable with your life you are saying you believe it can’t get any better, this is as good as it gets. You’ve tried everything and you know everything.

That’s never true. There is always more to do and more to become. Being comfortable signals the end of growth and the beginning of complacency and stagnation.

Of course it’s fine to relax with family and friends and take some time off, just don’t let it be all you do once you get to a certain point in life where you think you’ve ‘made it’.

You can always ‘make it’ more and ‘make it’ better.

Most people finish school and think their learning days are over.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They’re just beginning.

Indeed I believe we need to ‘unlearn’ a lot of what we’re taught in school but I’ll get into that can of worms another time.

We should never stop learning. It is a lifelong process that should only be finished when we are.

Our brains can handle an enormous amount of knowledge. Don’t worry, it won’t get overloaded with the right information. It only gets overloaded with useless trivia that causes stress and overwhelm.

Many people have a taste of success and think they can rest on their past achievements, there’s nothing more to do, as if life is a race to the finish line and they’re already there.

True success comes when you push past your fears and illusory limits.

Sure, it’s scary and maybe even a little bit difficult, but no guts, no glory right?

Success lies on the other side of your fear. Push through it – and we’re talking about just a little shove here – and marvel at what you can really accomplish.

The fear is just your ego telling you to stay comfortable, you’ve done enough.

You know your ego is wrong. It doesn’t want you to grow, it wants you to stay right where you are. It likes to be comfortable, it wants you to like it too. It thinks there’s danger on the other side and it wants to protect you, but there is no danger.

What IS on the other side of your fear is everything you’ve ever wanted

If you step out of your comfort zone just a little every day you’ll soon realise that pesky ego of yours is holding you back and you’ll learn to ignore it.

And a little every day builds momentum.

Before too long these daily things will compound and you will be taking on new projects, learning new things and feeling very comfortable about it all.

It isn’t hard. It just takes commitment, faith and a little practice.

Every successful person has pushed right on through their fear and been amazed at what they found on the other side.

So learn to recognise when you’re feeling too comfortable. Not just good about yourself because you’ve rocked your to-do list for another day. That’s the best kind of comfortable, because it only lasts until the next day.

Know the difference between the two and that’s when being uncomfortable will become your new comfort zone.

You’ll feel uncomfortable when you get too comfortable. You’ll want to go out and do something new, learn something new, and face your fear so you’ll feel better, and more comfortable with yourself.

Now you’re really living, and learning.

‘The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.’  –  JOSEPH CAMPBELL




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