The Super Power of The E-Newsletter

The Super Power of The E-Newsletter



One of the best marketing tools for business is the e-newsletter.

Big companies, small companies, B2B and B2C, as well as information marketers and service professionals can all benefit from sending out a regular newsletter.

They can be shared, they are linkable, and you can easily track the activity to measure what’s working and what isn’t.

Research has shown that for every dollar a company outlays in the production of their letter, $44 is returned. That’s an ROI of 4400%.

Used for lead generation, and increased sales, a regular e-newsletter will position your company as a thought-leader, and keep it top of mind with your clients and prospects, as well as build trust and rapport.

Lead generating e-newsletters can increase sales by 50%, and level the playing field so that smaller companies can outperform larger competitors for readers’ attention.

And what’s more, it enables a company to communicate with its entire client and prospect base, repeatedly, for a very low cost.

The trouble is, most of us now subscribe to more than a few e-newsletters, so how do you make yours stand out and get read by your subscribers?

Newsletters are permission-based, meaning your subscribers have asked to receive your regular communications, and given you permission to send it straight to their inbox.

Don’t disappoint your subscribers by sending boring, sales-y content and self-promotion. You’ll soon see the results of that with a high unsubscribe rate.

Your newsletter should be written in a clear, consistent voice. A voice that lets people experience what it would be like to do business with your company, or for existing clients, a familiar and likeable voice.

The real challenge is to create a newsletter that people want to open, read and share. A newsletter they recognise and look forward to receiving.

So, just how do you stand out from the all the mediocre blah out there?

Be sure you use the same template and company masthead, so people instantly recognise it.

Make it personable, relevant and fun to read, so subscribers benefit from your point of view and feel personally connected to you.

Keep it interesting and entertaining. Add useful info about latest trends, and reactions to those trends, use stories, interviews. Be sure to use enough CTAs and links to other pages. Always ask for the action, it’s a big part of your reader-engagement.

You can educate people about the benefits of your products or services, or offer special deals to subscribers, to make them feel special. We all like to feel special, and appreciated.

Just be sure to have a nice balance of interesting articles, links and anything else you think will add value. Surveys are always useful. People like to fill them out, and in return, you acquire valuable information about your readers for future newsletters.

Write your newsletter as you would a personal letter, not as a bulk mailing. Use the recipient’s name and write from first person to second person – I to you.

Ideally, you want to make your e-newsletters so valuable and entertaining that subscribers won’t want to miss an issue for fear of missing out on something. They won’t want to miss out on what’s happening in the community you’ve created.

How often you send out your newsletter depends on the type of company you are, your readers, and how much information you have to share.

Many companies send a weekly newsletter, on the same day every week – this says that you value your readers’ time, and appreciate that they have busy lives, but it still keeps you on your readers’ radar often enough that they don’t forget you, and can look forward to your newsletter.

Now you’ve decided on what to include, and when to send your newsletter, you’re going to need a steady supply of ideas. You’ll need to plan a calendar, coordinate with your marketing team, manage your email lists, edit, proofread and format it.

To complement your e-letter you’ll also need landing pages, special reports, thank-you pages and any other page your readers will land on when they click a link within your content.

This is where a good copywriter can be a godsend. Not just any copywriter, one who has endless ideas to keep your readers informed and engaged. A copywriter who knows your products, services and marketing materials and can come up with new angles and different ways of approaching things. One who can write in the voice of your company.

Such a copywriter can take all that work off your hands and consistently produce an outstanding and regular e-newsletter that authentically represents your company and its values and standards.

Don’t overlook the power of a regular e-newsletter for cost-effective marketing, increased revenue, and stronger business relationships.

Next month, I’ll show you some great ways to build your all-important email list.

Until then …



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