Freelance Copywriter? Your Website Deserves the Best

Freelance Copywriter? Your Website Deserves the Best


Winner Medal

After checking out your competition’s website you’re horrified to see that it looks so much better than yours.

And they seem to be doing more business.

You’re as good as they are – better, you secretly think. Wait, no, you are better, people tell you all the time how good you are.

You need to step up your game and make your website, and your marketing, work harder for you.

You need to entice people to try your product or service so you can show them you’re better than the competition.

There’s no one on staff who’s up to the task so you decide to hire a professional freelance copywriter. Someone who’s familiar with your business and can generate leads with compelling content on your website.

But what should you look for in a good copywriter? How will you know if you’re choosing the right person? What questions do you ask them before you make your decision?

By now I hope you know that when it comes to writers, you get what you pay for.

So, no content mills for you. Your reputation and your integrity are at stake. You’ve seen those websites with poorly-written, boring content so crammed with keywords that it doesn’t even make sense.

No one wants to read that. And no one takes that business seriously. How can they? If the website’s a joke then surely the product or service they’re offering must be questionable too, right?

In my experience, if a business skimps on website content and other marketing materials, then it’s cutting corners in other places too.

And I’m not the only one who knows that.

If you need someone to write captivating copy for your website – and trust me, you do – here are some things to think about when you hire a professional copywriter.

Have an Idea of What You Want to Accomplish

What kind of content do you need?

A complete website overhaul?

An email campaign to bring in more leads?

Regular blog posts?

Lead generating content like white papers or case studies?

Landing pages, or sales letters?

Perhaps a bit, or a lot, of everything?

Have a general idea of what you want to do and hire a copywriter who specialises in it. Not someone who is trying to be all things to all people.

No one can do an excellent job on everything. There isn’t enough time to learn and master it all.

Industry Specialist or Copy Specialist?

If you need different types of copy you’ll be better off hiring a copywriter who is an expert in your industry. Usually someone who previously worked in the business and understands it.

They’ll know how to relate to your target market and write the best copy for you.

If you only want a particular type of copy, say, white papers or case studies, then you may want to use a copywriter who has substantial experience writing them.

No one writes a better case study or white paper than a dedicated copywriter who specialises in that type of copy.

Are They Reliable and Easy to Work With?

Finding a copywriter with knowledge and ability is only half the battle.

Many freelancers are flaky and fickle. They have no respect for deadlines or other people’s time, and some get downright hostile when you suggest edits to their work.

Stay away from these prima-donna and fly-by-night types. They’ll make your life a misery.

You deserve better.

Find a copywriter who will respect your time, and your opinion. Someone who submits good clean copy on time, and will listen to your concerns, and revise and edit accordingly.

After all, it is ultimately your copy.

Is This a One-Off Job or a Regular Thing?

Your website is going to need a lot of copy, and it’s going to need that copy maintained and updated regularly.

One way to make your job easier is to find a good copywriter, and when you do, hang on to her. Make her your go-to copywriter.

Not only does it save time and hassle looking for new writers – and finding only the flaky, unreliable ones – but you’ll also benefit from her unique perspective.  A fresh pair of eyes and an unbiased opinion.

Most good copywriters are also marketing experts. They can advise you on what works, and they’ll be there to help you with your marketing. They’re committed to your success.

And the more they work with you, the more they’ll know your business and the better your website copy will be.

Never Settle for Mediocre

Your business, and your website aren’t mediocre (I hope), so don’t settle for mediocre, me-too copy. There’s enough of that already.

Attention to detail and exceptional quality on your website will show you care. And if you care about your website, then you care about your customers.

Wouldn’t you rather buy from someone who cares?

Show your customers how much you care about their user experience.

They’ll see for themselves how superior your business, and by extension, your product or service is.

When it comes to websites, first impressions are everything.





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