Will We Still Be Here To Create An Alternative?

Will We Still Be Here To Create An Alternative?

Blue Planet

Continuing on from my last post about our unique place in the Universe, it must be said that we may be one in a billion or more, or we could be the only ones on our optimal planet floating in an endless void. There’s also a good chance that we will never know.

While scientists are trying to find and make contact with other life forms, it is probable that there is another planet, or planets, with some form of life. However we must consider the possibility that we are all alone.

Even with the knowledge that the Earth’s first form of life must have come from somewhere else in the Universe, we may just be the result of a unique and perfect storm that created and sustained life.

With all this talk of global warming and the decimation of our planet we must also consider that this is exactly how it should be. How do we know that this isn’t the way it all unfolds?

Perhaps we are here to grow and evolve as a species, as indeed we have, and when our sun grows old and starts to die we have had enough time to discover the secrets of the Universe and find an alternative home and the means to get there.

Who knows? This may be the master plan. Earth is where we originate and grow up, but where we mature may be somewhere else completely.

All this, of course, will take millions of years but to the Universe that is merely a blink of an eye.

We have 5 billion years before the habitable zone – where it’s not too hot and not too cold – becomes uninhabitable and we need to either move the planet – don’t laugh, it’s being investigated as we speak – or find a way to move everyone and everything of value off the planet and into a new solar system or maybe a new galaxy.

It’s a good thing we have plenty of time because it will be a mammoth undertaking of the most gargantuan proportions.

And, of course, we must allow for the chance that something else will threaten the safety of Earth long before the Sun starts to wind down. Perhaps a collision with a large heavenly body such as an asteroid or another planet will take us out in the next few million years.

My point is that we need to still exist when all this goes down.

Either way we’ll fulfil our destiny whether that’s being wiped out prematurely or travelling the Universe in search of a new home.

If we want to be here in a few billion years we need to attend to our self-preservation right now as well as the preservation of other species. We can’t jump ship until there’s another ship on which to jump.

We won’t be around to see the views from our new home but I’d like to think our descendants will. We are creating and gathering ideas in leaps and bounds and technology is evolving at an astounding rate.

Who knows what we’ll be able to do as long as the most intelligent species on the planet stays that way and doesn’t succumb to the petty squabbling that may end us long before anything else does.




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