The Case For Case Studies

The Case For Case Studies


Case Studies

The purpose of a company’s website is to attract visitors, engage them and help them find what they’re looking for. No one stumbles upon your website unless they’re looking for something, more specifically, they’re looking for a solution to a problem they have.

Everyone loves a good story, especially a good story with characters they can relate to. People learn through stories and, in the spirit of ‘show don’t tell’, the best way to show people the benefits of your product or service is to tell them stories of people who had a similar problem. People who solved their problem with your product or service. People just like them.

This is where case studies come in. Like customer testimonials but longer and more in-depth, case studies captivate your readers and use social proof to convince them of the value of what you have to offer. Potential customers can ease their concerns and skepticism by reading about the ways other people used the product or service and how it enhanced their lives.

A well-written case study can:

  • Show a more human side to your company. Case studies show that your company is more than profits and bottom lines. They present real life stories of real people, and prove that your company is concerned about their customers’ welfare.
  • Establish credibility. A case study is an actual account of how a customer benefitted from your product or service. Because the customer is happy to go public with their story and let you quote them, it immediately reinforces your integrity and credibility.
  • Prove that your product or service does what it claims. A case study includes specific information about the results that were achieved. Quoting statistics goes a long way to providing the evidence potential customers need to help them make a purchasing decision.
  • Provide exclusive content. Every case study is different. It’s the story of how your product or service delivered results for one customer. That means your website will have unique content that can’t be copied by the competition.
  • Highlight the features and benefits of your product or service. Telling a success story also means elaborating on all the features and benefits, and gives potential customers insight on how best to use your product or service. Case studies can go into much greater detail than what’s on your sales page.
  • Increase your exposure and following. An engaging and helpful case study is likely to be shared on social media. Your company is exposed to a wider audience, effectively increasing your marketing efforts.

A good copywriter can act on your company’s behalf and interview your client quickly, efficiently and courteously to obtain the right information.  They will then craft the ideal case study using a particular structure to ensure the story captivates and educates your readers.

The best case studies weave information, customer quotes, and detailed real-world results and data into an entertaining, easy-to-read story that will convince your potential customers they’re in the right place after all.



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