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Branding: How To Rise Above The Crowd

Branding: How To Rise Above The Crowd

Branding: Stand out from the crowd.

Branding. It’s not just something farmers do to their livestock.

And it’s no longer just your company name on your product or service.

It’s about telling your story and why you’re different to the competition, and, most important of all, why you’re the better choice.

It’s about being recognised, talked about, and trusted to deliver quality and service in a way that makes your customers feel good about doing business with you.

In other words, people choose your brand because they know and like you, and trust you’ll  do the right thing by them.

Find Your Tribe …

You can’t be all things to all people so the first thing you need to do is define your target market, and then be the best at giving them what they want and need.

Research what they want and need, don’t guess at it

These are your customers, they should be your main focus, and you should know all about them.

Don’t worry about anyone who isn’t in your tribe. They won’t like you or your products or services.

That’s fine. There’s another company out there who will resonate with them. They’re not your concern.

What’s Your USP? …

Your website copy and other marketing messages should emphasise what your company does, and how it helps your customers – your unique value proposition (USP).

All of your content should consistently incorporate your USP.

Consistency is key here. Consistency in your message, and quality and value.

Try to show that you’re different, and better, than your competition. Show that you have something others don’t have– or perhaps you don’t have and they do, if it’s undesirable.

Don’t go for ‘the same but better’, find what’s different about your company.

Only by being different and better can you stand out from the crowd.

Your differences are what will make people choose you over your competitors.

Show Them Your Personality …

One of the best ways to be different is to have personality. What sort of people are in your target market? What sort of personality are they likely to have?

Your company’s personality needs to be similar so they can relate to you.

And your website content has to convey that personality – consistently.

If it’s appropriate, give them some emotion …

Suprise your readers with something unexpected …

And always include stories and anecdotes to provide authenticity.

Be real, be human, even if it makes you feel vulnerable.

Your readers want to feel like they’re reading something from someone just like them …

Someone who understands …

And knows them.

Someone they like, and could be friends with …

This Is Your Authentic Brand …

All this combined becomes your brand. A brand your customers like and trust …

THE brand they turn to first whenever they need your products or services.

So, to make your brand rise above the crowd, you need to:

  • Find your tribe of people. The ones you went into business to help, the ones who will keep you in business.
  • Find out what they need and want. Research them, and their biggest problems. Don’t guess, really dig deep to understand them.
  • Highlight your company’s USP and why you’re different and better, not the same and better.
  • Consistently integrate your message throughout all your copy, content and core marketing materials.
  • Add some personality – make sure it aligns with the personality of your target market so they like and trust you.

Once you have all that, you can start to include the rest of your branding pieces – logos, taglines, design templates, colour schemes, images …

And always be true to your brand – deliver on your promises, or better yet, over deliver.

Your customers will love you, you’ll always be top of mind, and your tribe will continue to grow.


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