Lead Generation – It’s Not Just Emails

Lead Generation – It’s Not Just Emails

Lead Generation Components

Previously I’ve talked about building your email list as one of the most effective ways to add value to your clients and prospective clients, and to generate leads.

But sending compelling emails isn’t the only way to do it …

What about direct mail campaigns, social media, landing pages, banner ads, and LinkedIn?

And the content on your website – blog posts, videos, product descriptions, white papers, case studies, sales pages, infographics, and webinars?

They’re all designed to persuade people to say yes to your offer.

So which ones are the most effective?

And do you have to use them all?

I guess that depends on how good your lead generation is now.

Every business will already be using some of the above – if not all (for the energetic and enthusiastic marketers among us).

If your sales are down and you need more sales leads it can only help to devise a marketing campaign using channels you haven’t previously tried.

So which ones are best?

We’ll start with how you’re driving traffic to your site …

The best content in the world is worthless if no one sees it.

Direct mail campaigns coupled with banner ads and landing pages are sure ways to drive traffic, and organic search is second only to email for bringing eyeballs to your content – as long as your website is optimised for search.

Social media can’t be ignored anymore – it isn’t going away

Promote your captivating content on Twitter and LinkedIn, they’re the biggies in B2B, but B2C marketers will benefit from using them too.

Then there’s Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and all of those others, with new ones popping up almost daily. All valuable depending on the type of business you run.

Try and stick with just two or three relevant social media channels. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin. You’ll look needy and desperate if you try to have a presence on every channel. And hire a social media expert to do it for you. No one has the time and skill to run all their marketing campaigns effectively.

As I said in my last post, hire a professional to do the things you can’t do yourself, for whatever reason.

Right, so now you’ve piqued the people’s interest, and they’re eagerly flocking to your site.

You’d better have the goods to back up the claims in your advertising.

When it comes to website content more is better

And all different types …

People have their own favourite type of media, that they relate to best, so have blog posts, white papers (for B2B), case studies, sales pages and exciting sensory product descriptions for those who like to read.

For your more visual visitors give them videos, webinars and attractive infographics.

You can turn some of your text-based content like case studies and sales pages into videos …

And product descriptions translate particularly well to video. It’s so much easier to persuade people if they can see the product being used – think TV infomercials.

So there you have it …

Email is still number one, but there are lots of other ways to get attention, show you have the solution to people’s problems, and keep them interested until they’re convinced.

Just remember, the longer you can keep them on your site, the more chance you’ll have to turn them into customers …

But you’ve got to get them there first …

Keep testing, and use what works for you.

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