Electricity, My Electricity!

Electricity, My Electricity!


Flood Waters

At the risk of sounding like I’m obsessed with the weather, I’m going to, for the last time, obsess about the weather.

When I wrote last week’s blog post it had been hellishly hot for too long, had cooled down just enough and for long enough to make me believe I would survive, and was about to revert back to hellishly hot.

Well it did. It was fiendishly hot for a few days, and then it rained.

So what, you say. It rains everywhere. Yes, yes it does. Sometimes it even rains here in a civilised manner. But not last Friday.

We can go for months without rain here but when it rains, it pours. And pour it did on Friday night.

Let me explain that the road I live on crosses several, usually dry, creek beds. One cannot get into the nearest town without crossing some of these creeks, no matter which way you go.

On Friday these roads – crossing – creeks became raging torrents of water – crossing – roads. Clearly I wasn’t going anywhere for a while. That’s fine, I could wait.

Then the power went out. After phoning the relevant authority to enquire when it might be restored I was told the equipment could not currently (pardon the pun) be accessed – so my guess was as good as theirs.

Now when the power fails here it takes with it my Internet access and my running water – plenty of water running in the driveway but not the kind I prefer. All our water is pumped from holding tanks and, of course, the pumps are electric.

Let’s look at the scenario so far.

  • I’m home alone.
  • It’s raining – a lot.
  • I can’t go anywhere – the creeks have claimed the roads as their own.
  • I have no electricity – therefore no water, Internet or anything else electrical.
  • No one knows when the electricity will be restored – I’m guessing no time soon.
  • It’s starting to get dark.

What to do in a situation like this? I go to bed, what else?

The next morning, still no power here but the town had their power restored. Number one priority now is the contents of my fridge and freezers.

I may not have electricity but I have access to plenty of places in the town with fridges and freezers that work, and a four- wheel drive. So I fill the car with everything perishable and make a dash for those whitegoods.

That drive is not for the faint-hearted. Lots of water, lots of mud, lots of slip-sliding but I make it. I take the dog with me for moral support . His idea of moral support is staring back whenever I look at him but we make it back home as well.

By now it has stopped raining and has started to dry out but I’m still home alone with no power, and now, no fridge contents. I eat some fruit and catch up on my reading, and sleeping.

Sunday morning – still no power. And to make matters worse I have a flat tyre from yesterday’s four-wheel drive expedition – I told you it was rough.

I attempt to change the tyre but my jack keeps sinking in the mud and one of the wheel-nuts refuses to come off. I call the local road-side assistance man; after all, that is what I pay them for. He arrives within the hour and solves my tyre problem.

He also tells me the roads have been graded and anyone can get through now. His vehicle is almost clean, hardly any mud on it. My vehicle looks like it is made of mud.

I continue to catch up on my reading then realise I should probably clean out the fridge and freezers. Halfway through that job the kitchen comes to life in a blaze of light and beeping. The power has been restored!

If you ever want your weekend to feel like it’s extra-long just switch off the power. How time drags on without electrical distractions, and it’s oh so quiet. I always thought Christmas day seemed like the longest day of the year but it has nothing on a day – or two – without power.

I got through it, everything is back to normal and the weather is just beautiful now; perfectly sunny in the day and pleasantly cool at night.

If adversity builds character then I just added some character; I must be full of the stuff by now.

Here’s to an uneventful but productive week with lots of light and beeping, running water (from the taps, not the sky) and Internet.


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