Considering The Alternative Shouldn’t We Show A Little More Gratitude?

Considering The Alternative Shouldn’t We Show A Little More Gratitude?



Have you ever stopped to consider our position in the Universe? To consider the fact that, as far as we know right now, we are very much alone in a vast and inhospitable place?

Not only is this the one planet within light years that has the perfect environment but we are perfectly adapted to this environment.

If we were to step off the planet there is nowhere else for us to go. The Universe, as beautiful as it is, offers us nothing but death, the way fish in an aquarium cannot stray from the tank without dying. And so we are prisoners of Mother Earth and, like it or not, we’d better learn to get along and look after the only place in the Universe we can call home.

Just as a small child grows up and learns he isn’t the centre of the Universe, we now know that we, as a people, are just a tiny speck in an infinite expanding system where time and space become one.

Our Earth, however, is central to our survival yet we continue to trash the planet and wipe out ourselves and other species.

We are all we have in our ideal self-contained world floating through a very desolate and hostile Universe.

Thinking about the vastness of all that surrounds our planet really puts things into perspective and makes you appreciate just how beautiful and perfect this world is. No other planet in our solar system has the rich plant and animal life that has evolved through being in the habitable zone; not too close to our sun but not too far either.

We’ve come a long way, especially in the last 100 years, but as the most intelligent life-form on the planet we can be so childish and petty. We need to step back and look at the big picture, to view our existence through a wide angle lens. We need to appreciate just how unique and precious everything is, for it surely isn’t duplicated anywhere else that we know of.

So did we get extremely lucky? You bet we did.

How about we show a little gratitude and respect for the other inhabitants of our planet, no matter what form they take – they got lucky too.

Take a look around, and then take a look around the Universe. Why would you want to live anywhere else, even if you could?



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